SMS Business Messaging Service
Savannacom helps companies implement mobile based solutions aimed at maximising revenues, improving brand awareness, optimising business ... more
Mobile Content
Savannacom aggregates and distributes content for digital media. The distributed content is offered as white label. The company has experience in .... more
Electronic Payments Aggregation
Savannacom offers payment aggregator services to electronic payment system operators and merchants. We facilitate successful execution of merchant .... more
Application Development and Service Provision
The company develops web enabled and SMS enabled applications. It has ability to provide the required SMS gateway services for the SMS-enabled .... more

About Savannacom


Savannah Communications Limited (trading as "Savannacom") is a wholly Zambian owned company. It was founded in 2002 to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services that are innovative and responsive to the African market. At its founding, the company pioneered on the Zambian market the Pre-paidElectronic Airtime Distribution (also known as Electronic Voucher Distribution) service for mobile telephone companies.

Our vision

Our Vision is to be the market leader in every market segment we choose to compete.

Our mission

Core Purpose:

To provide innovative information, communication and transaction solutions that are responsive to the African market and that meet customer's needs to enhance their lives and to enable them work more productively. We will achieve this unleashing the creative abilities and energies of our employees in technological innovation.

Core Values:

  • Innovation
  • Enhancement of the value of our shareholder's investment
  • Achievement of fulfillment for our employees, customers, suppliers and community